The Best Motivation Tips

Okay, maybe it isn’t the right moment to write about motivation tips when I’m so unmotivated since I wasn’t a long time. And maybe your wondering why this post is in English. It’s just a test. I love English but as you know English isn’t my mother tongue and I’m still learning. So please just enjoy this post and didn’t look at the grammar. It would be better for both of us. 😉 For all my German readers ( I think at this moment just have the german ones, but that’s ok) don’t worry, I’m working on a German/English page. I want to get my English to a new level and as the Germans say “Nothing comes from nothing”, so get started with the interesting things.



The today’s post is about Motivation tips. I think this isn’t a big surprise after the headline. Did you have a bad day or your just tired and you want to do something important, but you don’t feel like you can do anything today? Then you feeling like me just in this moment.But this isn’t about me. It’s to help you to get out of this hole of unmotivation. 

1. Stand up!

It sounds strange. But when I have one of this ‘bad’ days, I’m sometimes laying up to 2.00 pm in my bed… It’s true 😉 But this isn’t the solution! Get up, wash your face, brush your teeth, smile in the mirror and put your clothes on. Just get totally ready for the day!

2. Don’t forget the Breakfast!

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. (I say one, because I think that every meal is important, don’t miss any meal!) Eat a delicious toast with Nutella 😉 or a Breakfast bowl  or any different that you like. After a good Breakfast, you have new energy and can start your day!

3. Clean up your working place

At the first moment, you might be thinking, why? When I’m not motivated how should I clean something? Pull yourself together and do it! When you have a clean working space you have a better view and the work will go faster and easier. 

4. Apps/Websites that are motivating

When I search for Inspiration/Motivation I often use them and I love it! Sure the time flew when you’re on the Internet but after that your happier, more motivated and inspired, it’s absolutely amazing!

  1. We heart it 
  2. Bloglovin’
  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram

5. Have a motivational wallpaper

Here are just some inspirations. Wallpapers can motivate so much. You are every day at your phone and when you open it and it says that your amazing or so on, this is really motivational! When you want more I can write a special Blogpost about wallpapers and their links, so you can save them directly. Comment If you want a post about wallpapers!

IMG_1588 Get it here


Get it here


Get it here

6. Meet friends

When I’m meeting friends, I’m always happy. We talk, laugh together and take funny selfies. After this ‘meetings’  I’m full of energy and Ideas. That’s what you want, right? So call your best friend and meet him!

7. Sport.

Do Sport! It isn’t important which one and you mustn’t do a big workout at the fitness centre. Important is that you do something. Do the sport that you love the most and that makes you happy. You can go jogging, biking or just do a little walk. I love inline skating, it’s amazing and I can’t compare it to something just try it if you have the equipment (please don’t forget your safety, wear kneepads, elbow pads, and a helm)

8. Smile

Smile, it mustn’t be real. When you smile your brain think that you’re happy. It will change your mood automatically in a better one.  And if you are happy, things are so much better and easier and motivation will come with happiness. A smile makes you also more attractive. Isn’t this a nice side effect?



I hope that you are more motivated yet. When not I can’t help you anymore! ;D I’m absolutely motivated, so I will do my math homework.  I loved to write that post in English and hope you liked too. Did you understand everything? I think that my English isn’t so difficult, cause I’m still learning.
Question of this Post:
What are you doing to motivate yourself?
Comment it down below!

Have a nice day and don’t miss to follow my Blog if you liked it!
Kisses, Hannah Nele!





17 thoughts on “The Best Motivation Tips

  1. Oh Hannah , der Blogpost richtig geil ^-^ bin stolz auf dich ♡ und deine ganze Mühe hat sich so gelohnt ♡ Glaub mir 🙂


  2. Erst mal Kompliment für dein englisch , ich hab alles verstanden . Also was ich mache um mich zu motivieren ist einfach mir zu sagen :”you Can do it!” Dann mach ich es einfach denn ich weiss dass ich mich danach gut fühle weil ich was gemacht hab. Heute zum Beispiel habe ich die ganze zeit überlegt ob ich joggen gehen soll oder nicht. ..Und dann hab ich mich gefragt wieso ich es denn nicht machen sollte und schwups war ich schon in meinem jogging-outfit und bin joggen gegangen 🙂 echt super Tipps ♡ und danke für diesen blog😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ja stimmt so geht es mir auch oftmals! 😉 Und immer mit dem Gedanken im Hinterkopf, dass es danach gleich viel besser geht ❤ Ich saß heute die ganze Zeit an diesem Blogpost! ^^ hat echt spaß gemacht, aber joggen war ich leider nicht 🙂 danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Du hast für gar nichts zu danken… Das schönste am bloggen ist wenn die Leute so liebe lange texte antworten 💕 und man andere glücklich machen kann💗🙈 Liebe Grüße deine Hannah!


  3. Ich finde,dass ist echt schön geschrieben und es hat mir sogar mal Spaß gemacht etwas auf englisch zu lesen.😁


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