Hannah Nele turns happy!

Here I am! Back from Greece, I thought about my Blog and some changes I will take on it. You don’t know me, but I’m a really happy girl and love to smile. So I decided to turn my Blog into a Happy Blog.


What is a Happy Blog?

It is a Blog for all of you! It doesn’t matter wich age, wich religion or what skin tone you have. You’re Welcome! There are a lot of languages I can’t speak and I know my English isn’t the best one, but it is enough to tell you that you should smile a little bit more. Trust me, everyone understands a smile. So follow my Blog for a lot of posts about how to be happier and other things that just make you smile.

In wich language will you write your future posts?

I will write most of the time in English because I want to improve my English skills ;P and English is a little bit like a smile, mostly everyone understands it. Some post I will write in German, but only when the Topic is too difficult that I haven’t the Fitting vocabulary. And some days there will be Blogposts in both languages so it’s your own device wich one you want to read. It’s always your own device what to do in life. A smile is just always the best beginning.

Happy days?

That’s what I call the days I will post my Blogposts. Today I will tell you my “Happy Days”…. *dramatic music* … Sunday! From now on Sunday is the day before Monday ist a Happy day! So keep checking my Blog every Sunday!

What will you post?

I will post furthermore travelblogs, lifestyle things and my thoughts, but always with a touch of happiness. I will not tell you in detail what I mean with “a touch of happiness”, just saying, you will feel it. 😉 Stay tuned!

So I hope that I have answered all of your questions about the Changes!
Feel free to ask me if you still have questions.
Oh, and before I forget it I would be very happy about your feedback. So scroll down and tell me in the comments.

Keep smiling!
∼ Hannah Nele



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