Mykonos Impression 2016

It’s a Happy Day! You don’t know what it means? Check my last information post here!
Okay in Real life today is a Rainy day and tomorrow we have to go to school or work. And the most people are sad or mad. Me too. BUUUTTTTT I will change our mood with this Impression BlogPost from Mykonos. I know the most human hate to look at travel pictures because they become Wanderlust (For all my German readers, yes Wanderlust means “Fernweh” I was surprised too) . But wanderlust isn’t something bad! Just lay down and dream from Mykonos and a hot summer breeze. That will change your mood into a better one. Trust me. So here are the Mykonos Impression 2016! Enjoy!


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Don’t be shy! You can also open separate pictures to have a closer look on them.;)


I had an unforgettable summer and enjoyed the time on Mykonos a lot! Hope you’re in a better mood now and have some summer Vibes! Please don’t be sad when the weather one-day isn’t that good, remember after the rain follows the rainbow. And also without the rainbow, after rain, the sun comes out! And on this rainy day’s we can just relax without that feeling that we pass something. (All of you know that feeling!) Is your mood a little bit better? Have you smiled because you remembered your great holiday? I hope that I switched your Sunday into a Happy day! When not feel free to contact me every time! If you don’t want to miss one of my Happy days you should follow me! And I heard that it makes happy if you follow me. 😉 Have a good Start into the week and see you on Wednesday!

Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele



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