The normality of bad days

Hey, at first I wanted to post something about my favorite books today, pretending everything is alright and its Happy Sunday, and we all love each other and everything is perfect. But it isn’t! I can’t stand all these fake emotions on the internet. Please, don’t get me wrong, my Blog concept is happiness and things that make happy, but to pretend that everyone can be happy every day make me feel fake. So today comes a very personal Blog about the bad days/weeks in life.
Yes, they exist also in a Bloggers life.


This morning I woke up and I just didn’t feel good, I had horrible aches in my back because I did a little bit to much sport the last weeks. It was 11 o’clock a.m. and I felt, because I’m a morning person, as I had overslept the whole day. The weather was all the day long gloomy and I couldn’t take new pictures for my Blog. So today I did hmmm… let me think…. nothing unless eating. An absolutely unproductive Sunday. And now I could just cry rivers of shame. But I realized that I couldn’t be the only one that has these days, days you want to delete because they were so unproductive. I feel often like this because I’m a damn perfectionist, I don’t want to, but I am. I’m never happy with anything that I’m doing my brain always say’s, hey that could be a little bit better and this is not good enough

blah … blah… blah.

With the time I learned that sometimes stop thinking is the best method to be happy again, this sounds so absolutely wrong, I know. But trust me over thinking too much creates sadness and sometimes even depressions. So if you recognize that your brain begins again to do this crazy stuff and fabricate thoughts like “You lazy pig didn’t do anything today” or “I’m not good enough” stop thinking!

Life is hard, we all know this. But life also has so many things to be happy about. It’s absolutely normal that you have some weak days and some unproductive, some days with a bad mood and some days with no sunshine in sight, but they are also just normal 24 hour days, so keep saying yourself that tomorrow will be better because it will! Every bad day/week have and end. And please NEVER think your alone just because the Instagram / Blog world shows you the perfect life where everyone is smiling every day means not that you’re the only one with bad days! Everyone has bad days but no one post this on his Instagram, sad faces don’t match to the most Instagram feeds. 😉

You’re not alone!

If you always have this feeling of sadness and beeing lost,
talk to someone. Even if you talk to someone completely random on a help hotline. It isn’t always easy to open up to others, but it will be worth it! Life is good and you have only one chance, so don’t miss it!

My teacher once said, stop concentrate on the black marks and never forget to see the white paper. (Hört auf nur die schwarzen Flecken zu sehen und vergesst nie das weiße Blatt) With this wonderful “quote” I will end this post, wishing you a good start into the next week. Into your new start!

Was today a bad day? Yes.
Will tomorrow come a better one? Yes!

Keep smiling 🙂
∼Hannah Nele


3 thoughts on “The normality of bad days

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