Meet Berlin

Happy Tuesday evening,

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and you’re ready to start right into the new week. I had a wonderful time with my mom in Berlin, even if it was only one day we saw a lot of things and had a quite good time. If you now feel the inner urge to spend your next weekend in Berlin this Post is perfectly fitting to you. Here is my plan of the last weekend with my Highlights in Berlin.IMG_6879

29.04.17    Berlin Sightseeing

12.30 a.m. We arrived in the Steigenberger Hotel near the main station of Berlin

1.00 p.m. Off to explore the city by a walk. Berlin is very big, so you can’t reach every destiny by foot, but you can easy use the tube or the tram. Since my mom and I have Fitness trackers we tried to go all distances on foot, wich we solved nearly.

1.20 p.m. Photo stop before the “Brandenburger Tor” and the “Holocaust Memorial”. Those are the typical monuments you should visit when you’re once in Berlin.

2.00 p.m. After a long walk down the main street of Berlin (“Unter den Linden”), we reached the “Alexanderplatz” and the famous television tower of Berlin. The “Alexanderplatz” offers a lot of shopping opportunities and let women hearts pound faster.


4.00 p.m. But if you want some shops off from the mainstream like H&M you should go to the “Hakescher Markt”, like my mom and I did. These streets are full of the people I lovely call Hipsters but in a good way. I love the Berlin street-style!

6.00 p.m. After some hours of walking around, fall in love with clothes and be totally surprised (and sad) when the clothes are more expensive than your phone ;), my Mom and I found a little Thai restaurant in wich we settled down. The restaurant is definitely a secret tip of mine. The Sushi is stunning just as everything else we had for dinner. When you have something to celebrate or you’re not too stingy you can also try the Mango Lassi, it’s really delicious but 4€ is a little bit expensive. The name of the restaurant is “Tuans Hütte”, so if you like good Sushi or Thai food your totally right there.

8.00 p.m. We walked back to the Hotel. Our way lead us over the Museums Island of Berlin where the sunset light let everything look magical. After a short break in the Bio company (Why is healthy always so expensive?) we continued our walk, with one big bottle of almond cream for my all day favorite breakfast-Porridge, until we reached the hotel at 9 o’ clock where our wonderful first day ended.

30.04.17    Flea market

8.00 a.m. The alarm woke us up and we were ready for the next day in Berlin.

8.30 a.m. Breakfast-time, the most important time in the day. I’m a real lover of breakfast, sitting there watching the sunrise and enjoying the food with family or friends, there are not many things that can top a good breakfast with the right people (or Netflix series).

9.30 a.m. we took the tram to the Mauerpark in Berlin. It was Sunday, that means flea market day. I think I never said it on my Blog, but I have a fable for this kind of markets and second-hand shops. I love shopping and cool clothes and in my experience, you can find the best things on flea markets. The Market at the “Mauerpark” isn’t any more a secret tip because you can find a lot of people from all over the country there, if you nevertheless didn’t know the market, you can thank me in the comments. And your next trip should go to Berlin! We met a good friend of my mother there, strolled along the booths and enjoyed the atmosphere. I also bought some really nice things, like an oversize denim jacket wich I really appreciate. After I bought the jacket I also had a nice chat with the proprietress of the shop, what kinda made my day, because she was so pleasent. 🙂




2.30 p.m. After some Chai Latte and trading with the salesman we took the tram back to the main station of Berlin, where we caught some pretzels and our train back home.

That was our Day/Weekend in Berlin. I had a really good time with my mom and because she’s always the first one who’s reading my Blogposts, here are some words for you mom:

“Thank you for all the journeys you take me on, started with my birth and know trough nearly the whole world. I know that this shouldn’t be taken for granted, so I just wanted to say Thank you for everything and I love you <3.”

Hope you all enjoyed the today’s Travel-Post and have some ideas for your next trip to Berlin. I know that today isn’t my normal posting day (Happy-Sunday), but today is Tuesday what means that new episodes of the Simpsons will be showed on Pro7 isn’t that a reason to be happy ;P? Have a nice rest of the week and
comment your favorite german city!

Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele

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  3. Hi ! I loved my stay in Berlin too and I really want to go back, even just to see the flea market, since we don’t have such markets in France !
    And I visited Munich, Berlin, Baden Baden and Rust (just Europapark I admit it 😉 ) and my two favorites are of course Berlin & Munich !

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