How to achieve your goals

In the last weeks I talked with a lot of people sometimes just about the weather and other unimportant things, but sometimes, when the conversation gets deeper, there is one phenomenon that stands out at nearly every conversation. People love to talk about their goals. While the most may think that this will help to get closer to their aim because talking about the things is helping to focus on them. I want to show you that it is contrary. If you’re now thinking “Damn I’m always talking about my objectives” then you should go on reading, because I will tell you the solution to stop talking about your goals and start achieving them.

IMG_0955 2

You may be wondering what is so wrong with talking about aims. The answer is, your brain get confused. Let’s pretend that your goal is to start doing more sport in the next time. When you now tell this to all your friends, because you want them to know, you’re doing a big mistake. Your brain will think that you already completed the task. Next Sunday when your laying in the bed and fighting with yourself to get up and do some sport you will to 90% stay in bed because your brain says “Nah we told all your friends about our goal, so we did already enough for this week”. The consequence: you will never accomplish your higher sports level or whatever your big aim is.
The question now growing in every head of you is “How can I reach my goals?”. This time I have not many words for you, sorry. The most important thing is that you always remember your goals and keep fighting for them. Think of the outcome and keep motivating yourself. Your job isn’t it to motivate other people with telling them your goals. Your job is it to achieve your aim!

Stop talking and start doing!

That’s it for this Happy Sunday, fitting to my Statement I wanted to keep the Post clean and short, so everyone gets the clear message of it. I hope you don’t stop talking completely with you friends, that isn’t my intention ;). And please do yourself a favor and don’t be too strict with this rule, talking with your Bestie about some goals don’t get you closer to your aim but it won’t kill you at all. Do you like short Posts with deep meaning? Show it to me with a like or better a comment! Thanks.
At the end I want to wish you a good start into the new week and

Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele


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