23 Things to be happy about

»For every minute your are sad
you lose sixty seconds of happiness.«

Sometimes life hits you right in the face with a frying pan, a hot one. And sometimes it’s hard to keep the good sides of life in mind, but there are so many! I wanna show you some of them today with my list of things that make me really happy. Maybe there are some things or situations we feel the same about. 23 Thingsto behappy about.png

  1. your body being 8 times longer than your head
  2. getting lost on Pinterest
  3. poems
  4. flowers
  5. walks along the beach
  6. cuddling with you loved ones
  7. talking in a really high voice to a baby
  8. food
  9. (make) friends
  10. your feet that carry you along everywhere
  11. the sun
  12. visit new places
  13. sleeping in a freshly done bed after you had showered
  14. arrive the station at the same time as the train
  15. music
  16. eating with the family
  17. laying under a starry sky talking about the universe
  18. cruising with the bike while sunset
  19. nature
  20. the opportunity to learn everythin
  21. holidays
  22. coming home after a long/hard da
  23. the ability to show emotions
  24. the fact that 23 things aren’t enough because life offers
    so much more to be happy about!

Hopefully, your smiling now, remembering how wonderful life can be. Not every fact will happen every day and you will probably miss the train sometimes, but even the worst day lasts only 24 hours. Don’t give up your wonderful smile because some things didn’t run like they should, make the best of it and move on. If you ever need help to get your smile back you can contact me via E-mail or social media. Have a nice Sunday evening and a happy start into the new week! For all my german readers a 25th reason to be happy about, it’s a really short week!

Keep smiling,
∼Hannah Nele

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45 thoughts on “23 Things to be happy about

  1. Cute list! I think gratitude and happiness lists are a great way to remind yourself of all the blessings in life, and how they don’t have to be huge things! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes always start your day with a smile and it will be a good one ❤️ Your welcome 🙂 I’m glad you liked it. If you don’t wanna miss the new Mood lifters here on my Blog you can follow my Blog ❤️


    • Vielen lieben Dank 🙂 davon wird in Zukunft noch viel mehr folgen, falls du nichts verpassen möchtest würde ich mich freuen wenn du Subscriber meines Blogs wirst ❤️


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