The secret getting a more positive person

It’s already Happy Sunday again! My last Post was about some things I’m happy about. It should have shown you that the little things in life are the one that makes us completely happy. What if there is a day/week/month that doesn’t run like it should? That don’t give you the opportunity to hold on and respect the little things? Because the big things seem to overcome you. Everyone has those times where smiling is hard and laughing inconceivable. Those times are comparable with thunderstorms dark and they run over the whole world. But even if it’s raining we can see the horizon. Keep reminding that, when a lightning crashes into your life!

23 Thingsto behappy about-2

Become a positive person isn’t a thing that you do within a day. It’s a slow process that will happen in time, but there are some points that will help you to be happier more often.

I Smiling

Fast. Faster. Smile! Have you ever smiled at someone on the street randomly? No? Do it! Even if you’re on the run with a bad mood smile at the old lady waiting with you at the traffic light. Smile at the Coffeeshop employee that keep calm although the people aren’t nice to him. Smiling is always a good beginning to be more positive and my favorite point on the list. If you’re smiling your brain will think that you’re happy and there will happen some biologic process and you become happy.

II Respect the circle of life

Maybe circle isn’t the right description… better would be the term roller-coaster. There are up and downs for everyone, also for you. I claim that there isn’t a human that only have bad moments just as no one has a trough and trough happy life. There will always be very happy times and very sad times, that’s the roller coaster called life. It’s a constant up and down. If you feel yourself in the down Phase, tighten up your belt and wait for the roller coaster to go up again.

III Happy environment

The 5 people you spent the most time with are the perfect reflection of yourself. If all your friends are pessimist you should change your circle of friends. I know that this isn’t a real solution, but the basic idea is clear. Your environment is the biggest influence in your life. If your family and friends are happy you will be happier too. You may ask yourself now how you can change the mood of your friends. It’s easy just show them my Blog or the little things in life, your decision. ;P Spend your lunch break in the park, laying on the grass watching the clouds pass by. Give your Best Friend some flowers and chocolate when she’s sad. After a while, you can see how happiness will spread.

IV Remember the horizon

When you are in the middle of a “thunderstorm” that seem to hold on forever remember my words. The only opportunity to keep calm is to remember the horizon. It will show you the first sunray’s and even if they are not there now, trust me, they will come.

V Accept the Bad days

I already wrote a post about the normality of Bad days. If you didn’t know it you can read it here. A bad day is a phenomenon that everyone knows and have at least once a month, women call it period. Spend the flu. 😉 You can’t do much against it. The best thing you can do is to accept it and try to be not to mean to others. And my favorite quote is still: “Even the most horrible day lasts only 24 hours”

VI Be grateful

I won’t say a lot to this point. It’s easy, be grateful and don’t take anything as granted, because it isn’t!


I hope that you learned something from the today’s Post and that your future looks a little bit brighter now. Because happy people are attractive, isn’t that a reason to smile? Let me know your personal tip to become a more positive person down in the comments! I’m sure there are a lot of people that like to read some more tips. ❤ So we can help us in a community and work together for a #HappyFuture. Thanks for reading and commenting, see you next week and remember my 6 secrets! Have a good start into the week and

Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele


17 thoughts on “The secret getting a more positive person

  1. Vielen Dank für den schönen Text. Ich finde, man sollte jeden Tag Dankbar sein, dass es einem so gut geht. Und wenn man sich das bewusst wird, ist man schon viel positiver drauf. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Klar hat man seine Problemchen, bei mir war heute auch so ein typischer Montag 😉 aber wenn man sich dann anfängt einzureden wie schlecht der Tag doch ist wird es ja auch nicht besser. 😉 Deshalb akzeptiere ich meine Launen und gehe noch eine Runde spazieren zum abschalten. ❤ Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! Deinen Blog schaue ich mir auch gleich mal an. 🙂 Falls du wöchentliche Stimmungsaufheller möchtest würde ich mich über einen Leser/Follower mehr freuen. Und Englisch lernt man nebenbei ja auch noch ;P


    • Stimmt, das lernt man alles mit der Zeit und ich bin auch nicht perfekt und will das auch gar nicht rüber bringen, es geht mir einfach darum die Leute wieder mehr zum Lächeln zu bringen und ihnen die schönen Seiten des Lebens zu zeigen. ❤
      Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar! ;*


  2. Liebe Hannah,

    das kann ich gerade gut gebrauchen. Heute klappt irgendwie nichts und ich merke dass ich mich echt schon schlecht fühle und Dinge zu persönlich nehme. Danke für deinen schönen Post und deine Tipps – werde das gleich mal ausprobieren <3!

    Sonnige Grüße

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hallo Avaganza,

      ich hatte heute auch einen eher durchwachsenen Start in die Woche 🙂 aber so ist das halt, nichts läuft nach Plan oder gar Perfekt. Aber wenn man sich die Dinge nicht schlechter redet als sie eigentlich sind und die guten Seiten nicht vergisst, dann fällt es einem gleich wieder viel leichter zu Lächeln. ❤ Falls du Lust auf mehr gute Laune Posts hast würde ich mich über einen Abonnenten mehr sehr freuen. 🙂

      Liebe Grüße, Hannah Nele.


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