9 reasons why your Mom was right about Naps

My Happy Sunday started turbulently, I overslept my alarm. Appeared too late to work and was sent home because they didn’t need me today. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to feel afterward, but it was only a piece of a whole day. And I’m positive that it will be good because I have the chance to made it a good day.

Do you remember the times when your Mom had to force you to do a nap?
In those days was doing a nap like a punishment. A total time waste of the anyway too short day of a 5 years old. Even the facts your mom told you, to make the nap, weren’t enough. “Naps are healthy” or “Everything will be better after your sleep” couldn’t convince you. Am I right?

What if I tell you that your mom was right?
What if you missed a lot of opportunities to get a more positive person trough a simple nap? (More opportunities to become positive: here)
Don’t panic! In this Post, I will list the advantages of naps that your Mom always tried to explain you!

23 Thingsto behappy about-4.png

The advantages of Naps:

I increasing concentration
II your decisions will get better
III reducing stress
IV improving your short-term memory
V the risk of a heart attack decrease
VI your perception will get better
VII look young longer
VIII you can work better afterward

And last but not least the most important one:

IX Your mood will lift!

You see there are a lot of advantages. For the hard working one of you: I know time is money and so on. But this money can’t buy you happiness or more time when your time is gone… Enjoy the moment and do something for your health. Do a nap!

And thank your Mom or Dad, that they always forced you to do a nap. It was the reason you looks so good today. 😉

Guess what I’m doing now? Right! A Nap, hope you too. I hope you’re okay with a shorter post today, the weather is too good to sit at home and write an endless long article. But before you go, left a comment about the thing you Mom told you for the most part!
Have a nice afternoon and start well into the new week! Never forget:

Keep Smiling!
∼Hannah Nele

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4 thoughts on “9 reasons why your Mom was right about Naps

  1. Everything is so much better after a nap! Because I’m chronically ill, I have to nap often which sometimes feels like a waste of time, but I usually feel so much better after. If I have to make decisions I nap first. If I’m irritated for no reason, my boyfriend sends me to bed and everything will be fine afterward. Naps are soo good for a person.

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    • Yes they are! I think that a lot people see a nap as a waste of time, but it will give you so much power to do your tasks much fast and better, so your winning time at the end. 😉 Thank your for your nice comment! ❤


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