The habit that wastes the most time and how to avoid it

Welcome back and Happy Sunday everyone! ❤

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We have a lot of unpleasant and time wasting habits. The most of them are well known, but we still do them.
Social media is the time-killer number one. You know how fast time is passing when you’re checking Instagram and co.
Surprise, it’s a lot!

What if I tell you there is one thing that is even more terrible than social media? Don’t you trust me?
Keep reading because in this Post I will tell you the most time wasting habit! The solution to avoid this is included!

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The Habit

Since I specialized my Blog. I read a lot of articles about happiness. I heard audiobooks and tried to inform as much about it as possible. Opinions are different and that’s fine to me, but there is one thing that makes me furious.

People telling you to wait for happiness.
Like it’s something that follows you and only reaches you if you stop running and start waiting for it. By the way, that reminds me of the Horror movie “It Follows”. Do you know the movie? Is the demon walking that slow because it’s waiting for happiness? ;D

Society thought us that things are going to be better in the future.

The habit to wait for good things to happen is a total time waste! But everyone is doing it, you included! It’s starting in the week when you’re waiting for the weekend. Who says that a Monday can’t be as great as a Saturday?

When the weekend has come and it’s raining the most people will wait until the weather gets better. There we are: you’re wasting time!

Let’s change this! When you’re always waiting for the perfect moment you will wait forever. There isn’t the Perfect Moment! There are good and not so good situations. Perfect doesn’t exist. That’s why waiting for it would be stupid.

It would be like waiting for a train that doesn’t stop at your station. No one would.

How to avoid it

Start using your day right!
Become an early riser. Have a routine. Do your tasks and the things that make you happy.

The best is to plan some special activities once a week. Experiences aren’t expensive!
Have a relaxing evening at the bonfire with friends or do a bike tour. Anything that you are normally not doing.

Besides that, you should remember yourself also on rainy days how beautiful life is.
Don’t wait for something good to happen. Do it by yourself! Make something good happen today!

»Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning how to dance in the rain«

Don’t let people tell you that everything will become okay. It can be okay right now. It depends on you.

The most important thing I want to tell you today is: Stop thinking about how happy you could be in the future.

When I finished my exam…..

When I have a boyfriend….

When I have a job…..

When I have a house…

No. Don’t get me wrong those things are great, but they aren’t the reason to be happy or sad. Because that would mean that I am depressed because I haven’t anything of those. And know what? I’m happy. Maybe even happier than the One with all the things I have listed. Because they will always find something they need to be completely happy.

Stop thinking like this and your time wasting habit will vanish with the time.

Don’t forget

The habit
Waiting for the good things to happen.

The solution
Start doing things you love every day.
Don’t make your mood depend on physical things or social recognition.

Thanks for reading! ❤ I hope you learned something today and use the rest of your Sunday to do something great! Start good into the week and make the best out of any situation!

I’m interested in you and your opinion. Share it in the comments!

Keep Smiling
∼Hannah Nele

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