How to have the most productive week in your life

Everyone knows that problem, you plan a lot for your upcoming week, but the half of it will never happen. You will finish them too late or never. Today you will learn how to avoid this and I even give you tips for a generally more productive week.

Productive weeks will not come as a gift to someone that is sitting around, not caring about work at all.Productive week

Starting with the basic need: the intention to change something. In this case your whole life. If you follow my tips your weeks will become more productive. Your life is made of weeks, that’s why having productive weeks means to have a productive life.

1) Use your Sunday

For the most people, the week starts off on Monday. What if you would change this? Think of Sunday as the first day of the week.
Use the Sunday to clean the house, make the grocery shopping, prepare your lunch for school/work. All those things will cause an easier start into the week, so you can concentrate on solving your tasks.

2) Plan your week

Make a To-Do List. This is also best done on Sunday.
Write down tasks you want to get done and also things you wanna achieve the coming week. For example, you could write tasks like finishing that essay your sitting at since 2016 ;). A nice achievement would be to get about 10 new Blog followers, in case you’re also a Blogger. If not another nice achievement would be to stop eating sweets for one week.

3) Distinguish between tasks

When you’re creating your List you should distinguish between tasks. Start off with the important one and do the others at the end. I promise you will have less to do when you’re getting the important tasks done at first.

„ My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.

4) Don’t overdo yourself

A productive week isn’t about doing 100 tasks. It’s about solving those that are important. One good solved task is thousand times better than 100 bad solved. Remember yourself that and don’t try to be perfect. I’m talking about experience, perfection is never the solution. It’s always timewasting especially because there doesn’t exist a Perfect.

5) You-time

Even in a fully planned week, you should never forget to do some things for yourself. Read a good book or watch your favorite TV show, things that haven’t to do something with your tasks. You are not a Roboter so don’t try to work every free minute.

6) Keep calm

There will always be the kind of week nobody likes, tons of tasks and so little time for it.
The worst thing you could do now is to let yourself get stressed. You will try to do everything at once and because you haven’t superhuman powers you won’t be able to solve them. My tip is to Keep calm and stick with your Plan. Take only one step at a time.

Perfection isn’t the right way to a more productive week. Excuse yourself your mistakes and keep doing. Never give up, because even a slow runner will arrive the finishing line.

In a word

  1. Start your week Sundays!
  2. Make To-Do Lists.
  3. Distinguish between important and less important tasks.
  4. Stop craving for Perfection.
  5. Have timeouts.
  6. Do your tasks step by step.

The next two weeks I’m doing a work placement at Rehab clinic. I’m looking forward to this and I will write a Post about what I learned there. Let me know if you are interested in that kind of Post!

Thanks for reading, I hope you could take something new with you!
Do something today that will make your week easier. You can prepare the meal for tomorrow. Have a wonderful week and see you next Sunday! ❤

Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele

Searching for Motivation to get things for your productive week done?
You have found it!

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23 thoughts on “How to have the most productive week in your life

    • Thank you Arsh 🙂 I’m happy you learned something for yourself. Maybe you could follow my Blog so you won’t miss any future Post about important life hacks. 😉


  1. Great tips! Too often I skip the step of distinguishing what is more important vs less important, and it cost me more time than if I’d sit down and evaluate it. Ugh. So I’m going to change my thinking on that 🙂

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