How to create a healthy Morning Routine that works for you

Beeing healthy isn’t doing Sport and eating Avocado, even if it seems to be like that sometimes. Sport and healthy food are an important basis for a healthy life. But the real game changers are your daily habits.

Today I want to start with the first thing in the day, the morning.
I’m sure that you make huge mistakes in your morning routine. It starts with the problem that you don’t have a morning routine. Am I right? If you have one by accident don’t feel safe. I bet you don’t do half of my tips by now, but things can change.
All-clear! You can breathe a sigh of relief because I will explain you the important things for a healthy start into the day.

Morning Routine

The previous evening

The morning is the foundation for a kick-ass day.
But to make this foundation great you should start with the previous evening.
If you belong to the 85% of night owl’s in the world you should rapidly change to the 15% of morning persons. Even if you don’t get the negatives of beeing a night owl now.

1) Prepare things for the next morning

The most time gets wasted in the morning. Definitely also by you, but you can change this easy and fast. »Easy and Fast? That must be a lie!« No, I’m serious!
Take 10 minutes every evening and prepare some small things for the next day.
Choosing your outfit is, for example, a great opportunity to save some time for the next morning.

2) Go to bed early

For all the night owl’s under you this might seem hard at the beginning, but it will be worth it! Your body needs only 7-8 hours sleep a day. If you’re going to bed at 10 p.m. you will wake up at 5 – 6 a.m. and have a lot of time left for healthy habits.

3) Have a fixed bedtime

Apple offers since one of the latest updates the opportunity to have a fixed bedtime, for a reason. Having a fixed time for going to sleep is great because your body will get used to it. You will sleep in way faster and calmer.

4) Put away all technical devices

The blue light of your smartphone or Laptop stops your body with building melatonin. Melatonin is the substance that makes you sleepy. Put away all technical devices about 20 minutes before you go to sleep and you will fall asleep faster.

A fixed bedtime will not do any good if you hang on your phone until sleep time.

The actual morning

Have you already learned something new about the previous evening? If yes write a comment about what you learned already.
The actual morning has so many fields to do wrong while building a healthy morning routine. I listed the following points the order you should do them. You’re a free human I can’t force you to do it my way, but jumping out of bed after doing a workout doesn’t make any sense. 😉

5) Jump out of bed

As I mentioned you should start your day with jumping out of bed. 🙂 Don’t overact it with a backflip, a Flic-Flac will do as well. Jokes apart, just do (it) an enthusiastic skipper out of your bed. Secondarily you can say “Today will be a good day” or “I will make the best out of it!”. It certainly sounds strange to you, but it will increase your mood and motivation for the whole day.

6) You snooze you loose

If you are like me and the large majority, you hit the “Snooze-Button” at least 3 times before waking up. In the best case. Sometimes you fell asleep again, noticing two hours later that you pressed “Stop” instead of “Snooze”. This isn’t a big problem if it happens only once or twice. But if it gets to an unpleasant habit you should change this immediately.


Stop pressing “Snooze”! Researchers discovered that your brain is resetting when you’re drifting off to sleep again. That means you will be very tired once again.
So you’re not “only” arriving too late to work, it’s all at once quite unhealthy.

7) Drink water

You can make this easy as a habit. Place a water bottle near to your bed, when you wake up try to empty the bottle within half an hour. You will get more alert and receive power for the upcoming day. This happens because your body is dehydrated after a long night. Drinking a lot of water refills the water storage of your body, that makes you fitter.

Remember! Drinking enough water over the whole day is important. Water keeps your system running.

8) Open the window

This is a point a lot of people don’t do or forget to do. Although opening the window will change the whole game. The fresh and the cool air is absolutely refreshing.

Furthermore, will the sunlight stop your body from producing melatonin (Remember: the substance that makes you tired. In the evening good – In the morning not). You will wake up as never before!

9) Do Sport!

Doing Sport in the morning has many advantages.

First of all, it makes you alert. After doing a little workout or a short jog you will feel like the king of the world. Even 10 minutes jogging are enough to collect enough power for one of the harder days.

Moreover, it is occupied that you burn 20% more fat doing your workout at an early hour. Because the glycogen reservoir of your body is empty in the morning and when you’re doing sport it will make resources to your fat.

10) Have Breakfast

Last but not least I want to say the actually natural. Having Breakfast. Too many People go to work with nothing than coffee in their stomach. How should your body be able to work with nothing to convert into energy?

To have enough Power to solve even hard tasks you should eat enough in the morning. It’s the only way your body can refill his stores.
I had posted a Recipe of my favorite Breakfast once on my Blog. It’s fast done, warm and absolutely delicious! My free Breakfast-recipe: here

In a nutshell

  1. Preparation
  2. Sleep earlier
  3. Fixed bedtimes
  4. Ban smartphones
  5. Show enthusiasm
  6. Stop Snoozing
  7. Drink water
  8. Fresh air and sunlight
  9. Sport
  10. Breakfast

That’s what your Healthy Morning Routine should look like, don’t be afraid of changes. They made us to who we are right now. My morning routine isn’t perfect either, but I’m working at it. You should work at it too.

»Don’t try to be Perfect, try to be your Best Version.«

Beeing healthy isn’t doing Sport, eating Avocado and having a great Morning Routine. It’s having things straightened out with yourself. Even if I’m not there yet I’m putting a lot of effort in my “Health”. You should too.

With these deep words, I want to leave you for today. I hope you learned some new things you can add to your own routine. I look forward to your opinion in the comment section!
Have a wonderful and productive week and see you next Sunday, same place same time.

Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele

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