Meet Dresden

Today I had a tuff day at work, but it’s done, so I can write this Blogpost too! 
As I once mentioned in an old Blog post, exist there also Bad days and I had one of these. Read the Post here.
Work was hard and when I came home I recognized that I haven’t prepared a Blog post for today. But I don’t wanna miss out the Happy Sunday, because of the algorithm. That’s why I’m posting some impressions of my class outing to Dresden.
Last Monday I drove to Dresden with m class. I like this city very much and wasn’t disappointed. We had a lot of things on our Bucket List and saw a hundred beautiful and interesting things. 
For everyone that is thinking about visiting Dresden, you should do it! It’s like no other city, it’s a big city but it doesn’t feel like it. Today I will show you some places you should visit when you’re in Dresden!

Hygiene museum

My personal favorite “To-Do” in Dresden is the hygiene museum. It’s a museum about biology. I promise you even if you’re not having a doctorate you will understand everything! The complicated things will be explained with funny experiments you can do alone or with your family and friends. This is a great way to spend 2-4 hours with science.


We spent nearly a whole day in the “Elbsandsteingebirge” and it was great! We had breathtaking views, took amazing pictures and did our sport on the side. 
Pics say more than a thousand words ever can:



Our guided tour through the Semperoper was, in fact, good but it’s enough to see it from the outside. When you’re interested in theater and operas then you should buy tickets for an evening show! I’m you will have some great impressions! A ticket begins with 15€ and can go up to 250€.



Dresden offers great opportunities for Shopping, for example, the “Prager Straße”. This time I only was in the direct city center, so I shopped in those normal shops everyone knows. I’m fine with them but if your searching for some extravagant clothes you should check the remote streets of Dresden. There are some brilliants under those small shops.

Green Vault

Here we had another guided tour but this time it was more interesting. I love art and jewelry. If you’re not interested in things like this I would tell you to stay away from the Green Vault, because it’s an exhibition about jewelry. Another quick tip: come early for cards, they open up at 10 o’ clock and the line is building from half past 9.
If you have any questions about Dresden be free to ask them in the comments! As I already mentioned I can highly recommend a trip to Dresden. Hiker, Shopper or culture interested, you will find something there!
Next week I will play the whole day Beach volleyball at the Usedom Beachcup. I look forward to this! Even so, I will post a Blog post, do you have theme wishes? Tell me in the comments!
Thanks for reading today Post, have a wonderful rest of the Sunday and a good Start into the new week! ❤
Keep smiling!
∼Hannah Nele

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19 thoughts on “Meet Dresden

  1. Ich war auch noch nie in Dresden, möchte aber immer schon einmal dort hinfahren. Auch eine Oper würde ich mir da so gerne anschauen. Schöne Bilder und hübsche Zusammenstellung. Alles Liebe Marie

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    • Na dann auf in den nächsten Zug Richtung Dresden 😉 Life is short. Also versuch dir deine Wünsche im Rahmen zu erfüllen ;* Danke für deinen liebevollen Kommentar, deine Hannah! ❤


    • Thank you! Be sure you wont miss anything and follow my Blog! This summer I will stay 3 weeks in Mykonos and write a very exact Post about this beautiful greek island! 😉 Stay tuned! I love Dresden too! ❤ Thanks for your comment!


  2. Ich war leider noch nie in Dresden und würde schon gerne einmal hin, aber in diesem Jahr sind wir schon komplett verplant..
    Liebe Grüße und Danke für den Einblick,
    Anja von

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    • Na dann halt nächstes Jahr 😉 Ich bin mir sicher das sich nochmal die Gelegenheit dazu ergeben wird! Aber verpass sie nicht! Dresden ist wirklich ein Traum und bietet für jeden was! 🙂


  3. Was für schöne Eindrücke! Dresden steht auch schon länger auf meiner Reiseliste. Dieses Jahr wird es leider nichts mehr, aber vielleicht im nächsten Jahr 🙂
    Liebe Grüße, Sybille

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  4. Oh ich liebe Dresden! Ich finde Dresden ist eine und wenn nicht sogar die schönste Stadt Deutschlands und bietet für jeden Geschmack etwas. Man kann super shoppen und ganz besichtigen oder einfach nur einen Café in der wunderschönen Altstadt trinken und anschließend am Ufer der Elbe Chillen.

    Liebe Grüße, Milli

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