Free and easy things that will make your summer unforgettable

*Looking at the headline, checking the date*. Yep, you’re right, this Summerbucketlist isn’t the first one and as I must admit also not the earliest. My excuse: I’m saving the best things for the end. 😉 Keep calm summer isn’t ending by now. Here in Germany, it has not arrived at all…
I started my first week of summer holidays with a cold. The weather wasn’t nice and it was raining. That relieved me because I hadn’t the feeling to miss anything laying in bed all day long.  You probably know this struggle.
Next week I’m going to work and spent time at the beach and with friends. I’m even going to the beach with friends. ;P
Okay, enough chit chat about my plans. This Post exists only to make your summer awesome! I will list down a lot of easy things you can do during summer, most of them for free.
Summer Bucketlist


I’m not going to explain every activity because I wanna keep this list as simple as possible. If you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comments or on my social media platforms. I’m always answering!

50 things that will make your summer awesome

  1. Read a book! Why? Because it’s The best solution for every problem
  2. Go to the beach/ lake
  3. take a selfie a day
  4. have a movie marathon (alone or with friends)
  5. redecorate your room
  6. clean your room
  7. go to a Party
  8. have a picnic with your bae/best friend
  9. try out a new recipe – for example, mine:
  10. The perfect breakfast for a happy day go sky diving
  11. skip rocks
  12. send a message in a bottle or with a balloon
  13. meet new people
  14. go camping
  15. have a bonfire
  16. go swim late at night
  17. arrange a beauty day for you and your girls
  18. watch the sunrise without taking pictures
  19. volunteer in an animal shelter
  20. spread free hugs
  21. go on the top of a roof
  22. take a lot of Polaroid pictures
  23. go on a hike/ long walk
  24. leave happy notes in your city
  25. learn a new language
  26. have a photoshoot with friends
  27. make a summer memory jar
  28. go on a bike ride
  29. create a summer playlist
  30. dance in the rain
  31. write a story/ poem/ song
  32. collect seashells
  33. take a Nap – here you have 9 reasons why your Mom was right about Naps
  34. do a lot of sport
  35. get tanned
  36. smile every day at someone randomly
  37. start loving yourself
  38. listen to a music genre you never listened to
  39. Start blogging / vlogging ❤
  40. write a letter to someone telling him/her what you like about them
  41. draw
  42. try out a DIY
  43. have a sketchbook and create some collages
  44. spent time with your family/friends
  45. care for your animals
  46. lay a whole day in bed
  47. finish a Netflix series
  48. wake up early
  49. stay awake until the sun rises again
  50. Follow my Blog 😉

As I already mentioned are you allowed to ask for a closer description of those points.

At the end, I want to remember you what you should avoid doing this summer. If you have read the Post about my Internship already you will know those points.
Don’t think about the future or about the past. Stop worrying what will be, start enjoying your summer! Make it awesome and do a lot of things you love with people you love!
I’m sure you didn’t know all my points, make sure to try some of them out! They will impact your summer into positive! I would ask to trust me with this, but I rather let you decide by yourself. What is an unforgettable summer worth to you?

Thanks for reading! See you next Sunday and don’t waste your summer! Have a wonderful week, achieve your goals and don’t overdo yourself.
Oh before I forget about it, here is your point number

51. Share this Post with your friends!

Keep Smiling!
∼Hannah Nele

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