Meet Dresden

Today I had a tuff day at work, but it’s done, so I can write this Blogpost too! 
As I once mentioned in an old Blog post, exist there also Bad days and I had one of these. Read the Post here.
Work was hard and when I came home I recognized that I haven’t prepared a Blog post for today. But I don’t wanna miss out the Happy Sunday, because of the algorithm. That’s why I’m posting some impressions of my class outing to Dresden.
Last Monday I drove to Dresden with m class. I like this city very much and wasn’t disappointed. We had a lot of things on our Bucket List and saw a hundred beautiful and interesting things. 
For everyone that is thinking about visiting Dresden, you should do it! It’s like no other city, it’s a big city but it doesn’t feel like it. Today I will show you some places you should visit when you’re in Dresden!

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4 big secrets about my internship that will change your life!

Starting with a little bonus secret. It was the best internship I could have wished for!
The people that worked there were all so nice and taught me in so many different ways. I not only started loving the job, I also learned some serious things about life.

Walk away today knowing 5 life changing things without doing an internship. Whereby it is never wrong to do an internship because it is the easiest way to find out what job fits you. Today you’re getting wisdom fast for free and without hard work. You’re going to love it! ❤ Internship Continue reading

Meet Berlin

Happy Tuesday evening,

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and you’re ready to start right into the new week. I had a wonderful time with my mom in Berlin, even if it was only one day we saw a lot of things and had a quite good time. If you now feel the inner urge to spend your next weekend in Berlin this Post is perfectly fitting to you. Here is my plan of the last weekend with my Highlights in Berlin.IMG_6879

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Mykonos Impression 2016

It’s a Happy Day! You don’t know what it means? Check my last information post here!
Okay in Real life today is a Rainy day and tomorrow we have to go to school or work. And the most people are sad or mad. Me too. BUUUTTTTT I will change our mood with this Impression BlogPost from Mykonos. I know the most human hate to look at travel pictures because they become Wanderlust (For all my German readers, yes Wanderlust means “Fernweh” I was surprised too) . But wanderlust isn’t something bad! Just lay down and dream from Mykonos and a hot summer breeze. That will change your mood into a better one. Trust me. So here are the Mykonos Impression 2016! Enjoy!


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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Die besten Tipps für einen Kurztripp nach Mallorca.

Zurück aus Mallorca, möchte ich meine Eindrücke von der spanischen Party Insel mit euch teilen. Mallorca ist bei den meisten unter der Kategorie Party oder Ballermann abgestempelt, aber es gibt dort viel mehr zu erleben als ihr denkt. Ihr müsst nur an den richtigen Orten suchen, schon erscheint die Insel euch in einem ganz anderen Licht. Wo ihr suchen müsst zeige ich euch in diesem Post.

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