51 free and easy good deeds to make the world a better place

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I believe in karma. Not the type that hits a person right after a bad act into the face. Sooner the one that hits a bad person some years later, but then with all her power. Notice: Karma will not follow immediately but it will follow.

Karma shouldn’t be the reason you help people. Good deeds come out of the situation if your feeling that you’re doing the right. Every little deed could be a good one. Every little thing could make someone’s day. Always keep in mind:

»You can’t change the world,
but you can make a difference«

I wanna give you some inspiration to make a difference. Even if the things seem small to you, try them out and convince yourself about the impact they do.
Here are my 51 favorite small good deeds to do every day.

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The secret getting a more positive person

It’s already Happy Sunday again! My last Post was about some things I’m happy about. It should have shown you that the little things in life are the one that makes us completely happy. What if there is a day/week/month that doesn’t run like it should? That don’t give you the opportunity to hold on and respect the little things? Because the big things seem to overcome you. Everyone has those times where smiling is hard and laughing inconceivable. Those times are comparable with thunderstorms dark and they run over the whole world. But even if it’s raining we can see the horizon. Keep reminding that, when a lightning crashes into your life!

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8 things I want to improve


It’s Happy Sunday! That’s why I’m back with some inspirational Post. The last two weeks were kind of hard, but they are over, so I don’t look back! I won’t tell you how much I must learn for school because you all know that time. 😉
Today it’s about a little critical theme. I show you what I want to improve in my life, maybe it’s a little inspiration for you. I love posts like this because I mostly can identify myself with the Blogger and it shows that also Bloggers are just normal persons. If you have thoughts like, »Wow this Star has a wonderful life« or »I never can be like him/her« then please remember always: We are all human ♥fullsizeoutput_12a9

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The Best Motivation Tips

Okay, maybe it isn’t the right moment to write about motivation tips when I’m so unmotivated since I wasn’t a long time. And maybe your wondering why this post is in English. It’s just a test. I love English but as you know English isn’t my mother tongue and I’m still learning. So please just enjoy this post and didn’t look at the grammar. It would be better for both of us. 😉 For all my German readers ( I think at this moment just have the german ones, but that’s ok) don’t worry, I’m working on a German/English page. I want to get my English to a new level and as the Germans say “Nothing comes from nothing”, so get started with the interesting things.



The today’s post is about Motivation tips. I think this isn’t a big surprise after the headline. Did you have a bad day or your just tired and you want to do something important, but you don’t feel like you can do anything today? Then you feeling like me just in this moment.But this isn’t about me. It’s to help you to get out of this hole of unmotivation.  Continue reading