The habit that wastes the most time and how to avoid it

Welcome back and Happy Sunday everyone! ❤

I hope you had a wonderful week! If not, remember I always have an open ear for you! You can contact me here.

We have a lot of unpleasant and time wasting habits. The most of them are well known, but we still do them.
Social media is the time-killer number one. You know how fast time is passing when you’re checking Instagram and co.
Surprise, it’s a lot!

What if I tell you there is one thing that is even more terrible than social media? Don’t you trust me?
Keep reading because in this Post I will tell you the most time wasting habit! The solution to avoid this is included!

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51 free and easy good deeds to make the world a better place

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I believe in karma. Not the type that hits a person right after a bad act into the face. Sooner the one that hits a bad person some years later, but then with all her power. Notice: Karma will not follow immediately but it will follow.

Karma shouldn’t be the reason you help people. Good deeds come out of the situation if your feeling that you’re doing the right. Every little deed could be a good one. Every little thing could make someone’s day. Always keep in mind:

»You can’t change the world,
but you can make a difference«

I wanna give you some inspiration to make a difference. Even if the things seem small to you, try them out and convince yourself about the impact they do.
Here are my 51 favorite small good deeds to do every day.

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How to achieve your goals

In the last weeks I talked with a lot of people sometimes just about the weather and other unimportant things, but sometimes, when the conversation gets deeper, there is one phenomenon that stands out at nearly every conversation. People love to talk about their goals. While the most may think that this will help to get closer to their aim because talking about the things is helping to focus on them. I want to show you that it is contrary. If you’re now thinking “Damn I’m always talking about my objectives” then you should go on reading, because I will tell you the solution to stop talking about your goals and start achieving them.

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The best solution for every problem

You’re here because you have a problem or you are just interested in the BIG solution.
You may expect something expensive or unknown, but you’re totally wrong.
It’s so easy that you won’t think of the answer, but therefore I’m here giving you the key to solving your problems.
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The normality of bad days

Hey, at first I wanted to post something about my favorite books today, pretending everything is alright and its Happy Sunday, and we all love each other and everything is perfect. But it isn’t! I can’t stand all these fake emotions on the internet. Please, don’t get me wrong, my Blog concept is happiness and things that make happy, but to pretend that everyone can be happy every day make me feel fake. So today comes a very personal Blog about the bad days/weeks in life.
Yes, they exist also in a Bloggers life.


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Life update 2017

Happy Sunday evening!

I hope that all of you had a nice Sunday and in total a good start into 2017. Oh and before I forget about it, Happy New Year! I mean it’s the 15th January, I’m totally okay with wishing you all a good year 15 days too late. But better late than never. Does this phrase exist in English? Today I’m just talking a little bit about some plans of mine and what’s waiting for you in 2017. If you don’t like chit-chat posts, switch to another one of mine or check my Instagram. I promise I make this Update quick and easy.


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8 things I want to improve


It’s Happy Sunday! That’s why I’m back with some inspirational Post. The last two weeks were kind of hard, but they are over, so I don’t look back! I won’t tell you how much I must learn for school because you all know that time. 😉
Today it’s about a little critical theme. I show you what I want to improve in my life, maybe it’s a little inspiration for you. I love posts like this because I mostly can identify myself with the Blogger and it shows that also Bloggers are just normal persons. If you have thoughts like, »Wow this Star has a wonderful life« or »I never can be like him/her« then please remember always: We are all human ♥fullsizeoutput_12a9

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