How your smile will get brighter

Since I specialized my Blog on happiness I have talked a lot about smiling. I would say that smiling is the key to everything, you should find out by yourself.

Not everyone is identical, as I’m a positive person I smile often. There is no day I don’t smile leastwise once. Are you not? If it is hard for you to smile, this is the Post your searching for!

I’m gonna show you the ultimate tip to smile more often!
I’m sure you don’t know my tip until now.
Make yourself happier through reading my Post!

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The worst advice and how to avoid it

My Blog got specialized with time and happiness showed of as one of the big things in my life. A thing that was always natural to me. When I got “older” and made new contacts I recognized that not everyone smiles. Even if the sun is shining.

23 Thingsto behappy about-3

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