How to create a healthy Morning Routine that works for you

Beeing healthy isn’t doing Sport and eating Avocado, even if it seems to be like that sometimes. Sport and healthy food are an important basis for a healthy life. But the real game changers are your daily habits.

Today I want to start with the first thing in the day, the morning.
I’m sure that you make huge mistakes in your morning routine. It starts with the problem that you don’t have a morning routine. Am I right? If you have one by accident don’t feel safe. I bet you don’t do half of my tips by now, but things can change.
All-clear! You can breathe a sigh of relief because I will explain you the important things for a healthy start into the day.

Morning Routine

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Life update 2017

Happy Sunday evening!

I hope that all of you had a nice Sunday and in total a good start into 2017. Oh and before I forget about it, Happy New Year! I mean it’s the 15th January, I’m totally okay with wishing you all a good year 15 days too late. But better late than never. Does this phrase exist in English? Today I’m just talking a little bit about some plans of mine and what’s waiting for you in 2017. If you don’t like chit-chat posts, switch to another one of mine or check my Instagram. I promise I make this Update quick and easy.


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