Free and easy things that will make your summer unforgettable

*Looking at the headline, checking the date*. Yep, you’re right, this Summerbucketlist isn’t the first one and as I must admit also not the earliest. My excuse: I’m saving the best things for the end. 😉 Keep calm summer isn’t ending by now. Here in Germany, it has not arrived at all…
I started my first week of summer holidays with a cold. The weather wasn’t nice and it was raining. That relieved me because I hadn’t the feeling to miss anything laying in bed all day long.  You probably know this struggle.
Next week I’m going to work and spent time at the beach and with friends. I’m even going to the beach with friends. ;P
Okay, enough chit chat about my plans. This Post exists only to make your summer awesome! I will list down a lot of easy things you can do during summer, most of them for free.
Summer Bucketlist

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Meet Berlin

Happy Tuesday evening,

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and you’re ready to start right into the new week. I had a wonderful time with my mom in Berlin, even if it was only one day we saw a lot of things and had a quite good time. If you now feel the inner urge to spend your next weekend in Berlin this Post is perfectly fitting to you. Here is my plan of the last weekend with my Highlights in Berlin.IMG_6879

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The Best Motivation Tips

Okay, maybe it isn’t the right moment to write about motivation tips when I’m so unmotivated since I wasn’t a long time. And maybe your wondering why this post is in English. It’s just a test. I love English but as you know English isn’t my mother tongue and I’m still learning. So please just enjoy this post and didn’t look at the grammar. It would be better for both of us. 😉 For all my German readers ( I think at this moment just have the german ones, but that’s ok) don’t worry, I’m working on a German/English page. I want to get my English to a new level and as the Germans say “Nothing comes from nothing”, so get started with the interesting things.



The today’s post is about Motivation tips. I think this isn’t a big surprise after the headline. Did you have a bad day or your just tired and you want to do something important, but you don’t feel like you can do anything today? Then you feeling like me just in this moment.But this isn’t about me. It’s to help you to get out of this hole of unmotivation.  Continue reading